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Tool Magazine in CNC Machining Centers

The tool magazine system is a storage and tool-changing device required for the automation of CNC machining center processes. Its automatic tool-changing mechanism and tool magazine capable of storing multiple tools have revolutionized traditional, manual production methods. Controlled by computer programs, it accomplishes various machining requirements such as milling, drilling, boring, and tapping, significantly reducing processing time and production costs—this stands as the key feature of the tool magazine system. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs!

Key Components of a Tool Magazine:

Carousel or Tool Changer:

This component stores and positions cutting tools. During tool change operations, it rotates to present the required tool to the spindle.

The number of tools that can be stored in the carousel varies based on the machine size and manufacturer, ranging from 10 to 200 tools.

Tool Holder or Chuck:

The tool holder serves as the interface between cutting tools and the spindle, firmly securing the tool in place during the machining process.

Clamping Arm or Tool Change Arm:

Responsible for picking up tools and positioning them into the spindle or tool holder, ensuring a secure fixture to prevent any movement during processing.


The controller acts as the brain behind the tool change operation sequence, receiving commands from the machine's CNC program.

It coordinates the rotation of the carousel, clamps the required tool, moves it to the desired position, and releases it into the spindle or tool holder.

Carousel Type Tool Magazine:

Typically, it can store 16 to 24 tools, and the entire magazine moves to the spindle during tool changes.

The magazine rotates when the spindle moves up, allowing the tool on the spindle to enter the magazine slot.

Once the tool to be changed is directly below the spindle, the spindle moves down, and the tool enters the spindle taper hole.

After clamping, the magazine returns to its original position.

Inverter Type Vertical Disc Tool Magazine:

Commonly used in small vertical machining machines.

The disc magazine, also known as the "disc magazine," has a smaller capacity, usually holding two to thirty tools.

Tool exchange is executed with Auto Tools Change (ATC).

DRAKE CNC Tool Magazine

Increased Speed: Designing tool magazines with faster rotation speeds to reduce tool change time and enhance machine speed.

Greater Tool Capacity: Increasing the tool magazine capacity to handle more critical and complex components without the need for frequent reloading.

Enhanced Flexibility: Growing demand for tool magazines capable of handling various types of cutting tools (e.g., drills, end mills, taps, and reamers) without compromising performance. This approach, known as universal tooling, significantly reduces manufacturing costs, boosts productivity, and improves precision.

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