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JA Pneumatic Rotary Quick Chuck

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Product Details

Product Features:

Hydraulic Naito machine, free of hydraulic rotary cylinder.

Clamping accuracy 0.05 ~ 0.08mm (10mm from the end face)

The tight dustproof design confirms the applicable life of the protective bearing.

The oil pressure gauge has a strong grip and is easy to handle heavy cutting.

Simple structure, high efficiency and low cost design.

The aluminum alloy cylinder body, light weight and heat dissipation effectively reduce the temperature.

Product Suitability:

It is suitable for cutting and inner and outer diameter turning of pipe shaft products with general precision.


Insufficient water resistance, do not use pressurized cutting fluid for a long time.

Product Size

JA Pneumatic Rotary Quick Chuck

Product Parameters

Discover the CNC collet chuck model that suits your requirements from the following parameters. As a leading collet chuck manufacturer, if you have any questions regarding selection, pricing, or technical aspects, please don't hesitate to reach out. Feel free to leave your email along with your inquiries, and our dedicated team will promptly get in touch with you for professional assistance!

Performance parameters
Model/Spec.Use pressure
Limit speed
Clamping torque
Clamping stroke
Through-hole aperture
Max.chuck diameter
Matching jawNet weight

Size parameters
Note: The clamping torque is measured by clamping a 20mm round bar at a pressure of 6kg/cm2