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Introduce foreign advanced technology and management concept, High precision processing equipment, and High-end measuring instruments; Have a high-quality professional team, Strictly follow the ISO9001-2008 quality control system, Perfect sales network, and good after-sales service, The management platform of informatization interaction, scientific management, standardized specifications, standardized operation, and specialized manufacture, Make a famous brand of "DRAKE".

Our products include power chucks, collet chucks,Turret,Tool Holder,rotary cylinders, Tool magazine and so on. It can also be made according to the user’s special needs, and provides you with the best-integrated solutions for the clamping mechanism. Depending on “reasonable price, reliable quality, considerate service, constant innovation’’, all of those products have been well recognized by users both old and new, and they are widely applied to NC lathes, common lathes, machining centers, drillers and millers, welding machines, pipe threading machine, production line equipment, and automatic control system, etc.

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Drake precision technology (changzhou) Co.,Ltd. is a technology enterprise. In order to meet demands of the market, Drake is specialized in the research, development, production and sale of fixture. DRAKE manufactures high quality 2J CNC collets, 5C collets, 16C collets and 3J collets as well as many other sizes such as 1C collets and 3C collets.

DRAKE Collet Chuck

A Collet Chuck is a type of tool holder used in machining operations to hold workpieces securely in place while they are being machined. It is designed to grip the workpiece tightly and accurately, allowing for precise and efficient machining operations. The collet chuck is a preferred tool holder for applications that require high precision, such as milling, drilling, and reaming. 

DRAKE can provide all the correct mounting adapters for spindles and rotary tables, as well as drawtube adapters, based on design information provided by the customer to fit your spindles, rotary tables and other machines. to suit your spindle, rotary table and drawtube requirements.

These precision lathe chucks will mount directly on American Standard (A4, A5, A6, A8) and Camlock (D4, D5, D6, D8) type spindles. DRAKE lathe chucks are also frequently used on cylindrical grinders, rotary tables and many other machines. The DRAKE Pneumatic Collet Chuck Assembly can be used to convert CNC lathes and grinders to workholding units with 16C, 2J, 3J and 5C collets.    

These productivity enhancing CNC collet systems have built-in concentricity adjustment (less than 0.00050" TIR) and can be installed on all standard US spindles in less than 20 minutes. Only one complete lathe collet assembly is required, as each spindle adapter in the assembly accepts any DRAKE 16C, 2J, 3J and 5C collet adapters. The conversion is done quickly and easily by simply removing and replacing the six bolts on the collet adapter, which can also be used on Camlock-type spindles.

How does DRAKE make a collet chuck that satisfies you?

The manufacturing process of collet chuck can vary depending on the specific design and materials used, DRAKE usually follows the following steps to manufacture collet chucks for our customers.

Design: The first step in manufacturing a collet chuck is to design the product. This involves creating detailed drawings and specifications that define the size, shape, and material requirements for the chuck.

Material selection: Once the design is complete, the next step is to select the appropriate materials for the collet chuck. The chuck is typically made from high-quality steel or other durable metals that can withstand the rigors of machining operations.

Machining: The manufacturing process for a collet chuck involves a variety of machining operations, including milling, drilling, turning, and grinding. These operations are used to shape the various components of the chuck, including the body, collet, and locking mechanism.

Heat treatment: After the components have been machined, they are typically heat-treated to improve their strength and durability. This involves subjecting the components to high temperatures and then cooling them in a controlled manner.

Assembly: Once the components have been machined and heat-treated, they are assembled into a complete collet chuck. This involves fitting the collet into the chuck body and attaching the locking mechanism.

DRAKE has a high level of precision capability and a reservoir of expertise to ensure that the final collet chuck meets the stringent requirements of the machining operation.

DRAKE Collet Chuck Benefits and Features

DRAKE's extensive line of CNC collet chucks offers many advantages over conventional 3-jaw lathe chucks - especially for workpieces less than 4" in diameter.  Some of these advantages include:

Available in American Standard, Camlock and special spindle nose

CNC lathes for standard 16C, 2J, 3J and 5C collets, expansion collets and 5C step collets

Accepts 16C, 2J, 3J and 5C collet adapters per spindle mount

Built-in concentricity adjustment (below 0.00050" TIR)

Table driven by machine closures

Light weight allows for higher turning speeds

Balanced design for smooth operation

Easy and fast setup (less than 20 minutes)

Cartridges are unaffected by centrifugal forces

Small body diameter reduces tool interference

Continued cost reduction

DRAKE  - Collet Chuck Manufacturer

We specialize in manufacturing collet chucks with production capacity, CE and ISO certifications, and dozens of patent certificates. Currently, we are in the process of applying for high-tech enterprise status. Having successfully secured bids from some of the world's top 500 enterprises, our workshop spans 15,000 square meters, and the company has invested over $20 million in state-of-the-art production equipment.

We have exported our products to more than 80 countries worldwide, backed by 10 years of export experience. Our strength lies in robust after-sales service and the capability to facilitate foreign trade orders.

Our standard products follow common installation methods aligned with international standards. They can serve as direct replacements for similar products from renowned brands.

We are equipped to accommodate customized products, accept orders for non-standard products, and welcome OEM orders.

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