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RY350 front chuck

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Product Details

Optional chuck claw

(1)Standard Jaw;(2) Other specifications customization

(2)Jaw gripping range:first position:20-140mm; second position: 135-255mm; third position: 250-365mm.

Recommended gear

Driven gear:RY370-00-0080 driven gear (Mn4Z192)

Drive gear: RY370-00-0070 drive gear (Mn4Z32), the drive gear can be custom made.

uRecommended speed reducer and motor power

Recommended reducer: Xinbao VRB-140 reducer speed ratio: 7

Recommended motor power: 5.5KWu

Structural features:

1. One-piece fully enclosed helical gear transmission structure: higher dustproof performance and operational stability, longer service life and better user experience;

2. Convenient concentricity debugging and locking components: allow end users to easily correct the rotational concentricity of the whole machine, and enhance the accuracy and stability of the whole machine;

3. Standard claw opening in-position induction detection: The short tail cutting mode is safer, realizes automatic short tail cutting, and reduces the risk of collision of the whole machine;

4. Structural design of automatic chip removal and ash removal of the slider: automatic chip removal when the chuck is clamped, reducing the possibility of jamming and reducing the need for manual cleaning and maintenance;

5. Self-contained channel steel I-beam jaws: up to 28 gauge I-beam and 28 gauge channel steel.

Product Size


Product Parameters

Diameter( mm)
Spindle Bore(mm)Centre-height (mm)Total Weight
(K g.cm ²)
Repeatability (mm)Rotary
precision (mm)
RY350-00-0000 Single jaw stroke( mm)Single Claw thrust(KN)Processing Range(mm)Permissible pressure (M pa)Rated speed (rpm)Holdup Time (h)IP Grade

                                           Appropriative jaws can be customized according to pipe fittings
Standard optionGB / T3094-2000 Cold drawn special-shaped steel pipe,  GB / T706-2008 Hot-rolled Steel,  GB / T17395-2008 Seamless Steel Pipe Size, shape, weight and allowable deviation
Chuck modelRY350 Front chuck
Clamping range20-365mm (the specification is within the allowable load-bearing range)( first position:20-140mm; second position: 135-255mm; third position: 250-365mm)
Standard jaw roller length155mm
Lengthen jaws335mm
Round Tube20-365mm
Square TubeThe circumscribed circle is less than 365mm square tube (the maximum square tube is 250mm)
Rectangular TubeThe minimum short side is 20mm, and the circumscribed circle is less than 365mm rectangular tube (maximum size 250*200)
Oval Tube/Flat Oval TubeThe minimum short axis is 20mm, and the long axis is less than 250mm oval tube
I-beamWith Lengthen jaws:Holds up to No.32 gauge I-beams
Channel steelWith Lengthen jaws:Holds up to No.32 Channel steel
Equilateral angle steelWith standard jaws:Maximum clamping equilateral angle steel No. 14
Other specifications customization
Unequal angle steelWith standard jaws:Clamping No.3.2/2-No.14/9 unequal angle steel
Other specifications customization