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JHB Hydraulic Rotary Collet Chuck

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Product Details

Product Features:

Heat-treated steel integrally formed structure, bearing no load, high rigidity and stability, long life and low temperature rise.

Two-way power, forced open collet, never jam. When the air source is interrupted, the collet is self-locking.

The direct flange is connected to the main shaft, which is convenient and quick to install. It can be connected to the machine system control through a three-point combination air valve.

Quickly change the collet to facilitate product replacement, the collet does not retract, and the working length can be controlled normally.

The oil pressure clamping force is large and the relative rotation speed is low.

Product Suitability:

Heavy cutting machining, suitable for shaft type gear clamping.

Product Size

JHB Hydraulic Rotary Collet Chuck

Product Parameters

Discover the CNC collet chuck model that suits your requirements from the following parameters. As a leading collet chuck manufacturer, if you have any questions regarding selection, pricing, or technical aspects, please don't hesitate to reach out. Feel free to leave your email along with your inquiries, and our dedicated team will promptly get in touch with you for professional assistance!

Size Parameters
DFGHIJMax. Speed
Piston stroke
Working pressure
Clamping range
Clamping Stroke
Matching collet

Note: The clamping torque is measured by clamping a 20 mm round bar at 15 kg/cm2.

★The above product data is for reference only, can be changed according to the needs of the workpiece, and can be customized according to the workpiece and processing requirements.

★ Product continuous improvement, please contact us if there are any changes to this catalogue parameter. Subject to final confirmation parameters!